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Re: What is recovery from a left frontotemporoparietal craniotomy like?

Originally Posted by taraberry View Post
What is recovery from a left frontotemporoparietal craniotomy like? I suffer from a variety of lesions and cysts on the left side of my brain and they will require surgical resection. Has anyone else here ever had a this procedure? Did it take you a long time to recover?
i had a right frontal craniotomy in Feb 2010 to resect a 6cm GBM-IV tumor. the surgeon said it could be as short at a couple days to as long as several months recovery. he said to expect two weeks of hospital. i was in hospital for four days. i was out of work for two weeks. the doctor wanted me to stay out for more, but just wasn't possible. i started radiation within three weeks of my surgery, and started chemo within 6 weeks.
all that being said, i'm not sure what you mean by 'recovery'; but i am over 15 months on the initial surgery and still do not feel 100% 'recovered'. there are activities i can no longer do, strange emotions and so-on that weren't there before. a lot of that has to do with my ongoing medications and chemotherapy treatments i'm sure.
i am sure that recovery times and experiences vary depending on a lot of factors (age, general health, etc); so obviously, your experience may be different. best of luck.