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Not sure if this is Neurological or not but Creepy Crawly Skin Sensations

If this does not sound neurological, can you please direct me on which forum to go under? I really need help with this, Not asking for a diagnosis just something it may sound like so I can read up on it and tell my Dr. Because he doesn't seem to be listening...

While trying to fall asleep I experience a creepy crawly sensation throughout my whole body, even on my face and arms, feet. This is also happening right now during the day. It feels like tiny bugs crawling all over me and sometimes I get a sharp "biting" feeling. Like something bit me but when I look, there's nothing there.

I looked online and I have many of the basic symptoms of RLS, but somehow I don't think it is because it happens all over my body. It seriously feels like the tiniest bugs are crawling across my skin and biting me.

Please, has anyone else dealt with this? I have asked my Dr's and they just brush it off as if it's nothing...

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