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Re: Small raised mole/wart like spots on arms/top of hands/face/thigh

[QUOTE=ahenso02;4633870]A few months ago I noticed several small raised areas on my hands. They blend in with my light complexion very well. In the sunlight I noticed they are very noticeable, but only when the light hits them. I have over 30 on each hand now, atleast 15 or more on both arms. One large mole like one has come up on my thigh, one on my nose, and now 2 on my forehead! Im getting really concerned. The ones on my arm itch. They could pass for small moles/warts but that is not what they are. They are flat, and barely raised. I have freckles so they are hard to see (well most) unless the light hits them right.

Went to the doctor he referred me to a dermatologist but I cant get in til March. Seems like more and more keep showing up. Im only 27 years old. I have tanned most of my life up until 2 years ago after the birth of my daughter. I have searched online, and looked at diff skin issues and skin cancer, and nothing matches up. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?? Y[/QUOTE]
Hi thank you for your post even though it's been a while. My girlfriend has 3 similar flesh colored bumps that have developed recently. Two on pelvis/panty area and one on her thigh. Your description has been the closest I've been able to find to hers. I am slightly concerned as to the number of bumps you mention and believe that she may begin to develop more. Were you able to find out from a dermatologist what they were and if so what if any remedy? She's kind of scared and I'm trying to help find some answers before her appt with dermatologist. Thank you for any help!