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Post Nissen Fundoplication Complications...Help

On March 22, 2011 I had Nissen Fundoplication and repair of a massive hiatal hernia. I was diagnosed w/ Barretts Esophageal and had/have severe reflux. Well I was under the impression once I had the surgery all would be better--I couldn't have been more wrong.
Since the surgery whenever I eat I get massive pains in my stomach that moves to my left shoulder, into my neck, my jaw and then to my temple area, and this is all on the left side. I also have severe nausea, my esophagus tightens up and spasms, feels like my throat is closing up. I have gas but am unable to burp, it is as though I burp in my chest & throat and when I do it increases the pain. The pain level is completely off the charts. Dr sent me for an Upper GI & Cat Scan and neither test indicated anything wrong. Now I am scheduled for another EDG so he can look to make sure everything is ok.
My quality of life is gone, it takes 4-5 hrs to recover from eating and I can only eat 4 to 6 ounces at a time. Even drinking fluids causes the painful episodes to start. I get so nauseated but I am unable to vomit since surgery, so I take meds for that. I have also lost 13 pounds in the last 6 weeks. My doctor seems to be at a loss. And I have not returned to work since I had the surgery in March.
Someone mentioned the Vagus Nerve could be damaged but my Dr dismissed that and didn't really even acknowledge the question. If anyone at all has suggestions where I might be able to find more info it would be greatly appreciated. I am normally upbeat and always look for the positives, but this ordeal is really getting to me.

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