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Friend's growing apathy

I'm concerned about a friend of mine and I'm not sure what to do, or if there is really anything to do. I met my best friend, let's call him Josh, several years ago in High School. He was a great guy, a lot of fun to hang around. Great sense of humor, always managed to make you laugh, and we played video games together a lot as it was a favorite hobby for the both of us. He was a normal young man. This started to change at some point, I think I noticed it a couple of years ago. He moved quite far away to go to college. He was unfortunately by himself in a place he'd never known, so he went through a period of depression. He got over it eventually and seemed himself for the most part. I talked to him every day online. It's hard to say when he really started to change as he doesn't talk about himself much and there's only so much infer from Instant Messenger.

Well, last year he was visiting for a few months. We hung out occasionally and at one point he told me that he think's he a psychopath because he doesn't feel anything. That's not completely true, he laughs and he gets angry in certain situations but most of the time... nothing's there. He told me the same thing a few months ago. He's been back in college for several months, he now lives with his brother again (they've always been on good terms though his brother is pretty morose these days).

He seems even more detached than ever before. It's hard getting a conversation out of him, (when he gets online that is, these days that's rare as he's usually too busy playing video games) and he doesn't seem to care about ANYTHING but playing video games now. He doesn't browse the internet for interesting things much anymore, he doesn't just sit and listen to music, he never was involved in physical activities so I won't take the lack of that into account... Pretty much the only things he does is do school work and play video games.

Maybe I shouldn't even be asking about this, maybe he's just changing but it just seems wrong, especially his extreme apathy. He's always been apathetic and disinterested with the world to a point, I'm the same way (though never was quite like him, I'm just somewhat stoic, I've always been that way). I think he might need help, but I don't even know what could be wrong or how to go about helping him or suggesting that he seek it.

Thanks for reading, if you have anything to offer, I'd greatly accept it.

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