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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Complications...Help

I had the Nissan in 2008 and the symptoms you are describing are all familiar.
I too was restricted to a liquid diet tlo start and moving on to soft food and also was told tom avoid meat and bread for around 6 months.
I lost a LOT of weight in the first few months after surgery but was told this was not unusual.
All the symptoms of not being able to burp do improve but you need to give it time and they not to panic.
I can still only eat very small meals and only tend to eat one small meal a day and tend to drink a cup of milk for the other two meals or I get very full and bloated and that is still the same now but I do not regret the surgery one bit.
The first six months or so are tough and I know it is scary and you might think you have done the wrong thing but seriously things do improve.
I also had an illness last year that meant I vomited repeatedly so although it is not normal to vomit after this surgery it is not totally impossible if the body needs to.
I had manometry tests done before surgery which show I have extremely slow transit and this follows through to cause problems with my bowels too but it did not affect the surgery and I was never told that this would be a problem or that surgery should not to ahead because of it.
I was on anti sickness drugs for some time after surgery but now do not need to take any.
I think you are expecting miracles a little bit too soon. Your surgeon should have told you of these problems before you agreed to go ahead with the surgery and prepared you so you at least knew what to expect.
I hope i have done something to ease your mind and let you know that what you are experiencing is not unusual after this surgery and that you give yourself time to recover from the surgery and see small improvements each week.
As I say I do not regret my surgery one little bit and I am sure you will feel the same in time.
Good luck and if you need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through feel free to contact me anytime.
Take care and I wish you all the best.