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My Sweat Creates Poison Ivy Like Rash

I am having a problem where my sweat is causing an allergic reaction with bumps, blisters and fluid just like Poison Oak. I have consulted three general doctors plus a dermatologist, allergist and naturopath with no improvement.

The doctors found me to be healthy and active male 52 years old, taking no medications up to that time and with no other conditions.

I have read numerous posts of people who seem to be suffering from the same problem of sweat making you itch after a severe Poison Ivy incident, but have not seen any posts with a solution. I will try to be brief, but I think the problem is systemic and goes back a while.

About 20 years ago I had a rash on my arms caused by direct contact with Poison Sumac and was advised by a friend to apply Tecnu Scrub and then rinse in Hot Water. I did and the rash spread over my entire body. Had I read the instructions I would have discovered that you must apply Tecnu then rinse in COLD water to remove the poison sumac oil, then reapply and rinse in HOT water. By applying HOT water first I had pulled the poison oil into my body. I was given strong medication by my doctor, but have been much more sensitive to the Poison Ivy plants ever since.

About a year ago I was exposed to the smell and perhaps the pollen of a little known Poison Ivy type plant called Poodle Dog Brush while dirt bike riding. The next day my skin began to itch and a Poison Ivy like rash developed in all areas that were heavily clothed such as my feet and ankles which were covered with heavy socks and boots, knees which had heavy thigh length socks-knee braces and pants, elbows which had elbow guards and shirt and under the areas covers by my backpack straps and waist belt. In other words the places that could not have touched the plant as they were all covered in multiple layers.

The rash became worse and my limbs swelled greatly. Numerous anti histamine and many other drugs and creams were prescribed with no results. My doctor then gave two steroid shots which reduced the swelling and rash.

I had a full blood test which apparently revealed nothing. I also had full allergy patch testing which showed me to be significantly allergic to grass, weed and trees. However the antihistamines prescribed stopped working after about a month. I get hay fever sometimes, although this problem has gotten better over the years, contrary to the recent test results.

A naturopath prescribed a course of vitamins and Arsenica Album and Hydrogenated Water with no improvement after many months. I eat a healthy diet, no drugs and am very active.

I stopped doing any type of activity that would make me sweat for a period of over 4 months and the rash did not reappear, except in a very small way when I rode a mountain bike and was sweating. Last week for the first time in 4 months I went for dirt bike ride wearing all the gear (which has been washed in hot water numerous times since my contact with Poodle Dog Brush) and the rash reappeared in the same areas which have the most clothing on them. The rash is subsiding since I have not ridden again or gotten sweaty.

It seems to me that just as with Poison Ivy, it is not the plant that causes the problem, but your bodies reaction. You get the Poison Ivy oil on you and then a rash forms with blisters and if you scratch the blister the fluid from your body is released and causes the rash to spread. I am thinking my sweat is a mild form of that clear fluid from the rash blisters.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

I am hoping to find a way to treat the cause and not the symptoms. I would like to find a way to alter my sweat so it does not cause a Poison Ivy like rash.

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