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I've been taking Tramadol for many years. From what I understand, technically it is not a narcotic (ie. not derived from opium) although it acts on the same receptors and so in many ways it behaves like a mild narcotic. It is also a mild antidepressant too. Because of the low dosage ceiling, it carries little risk of addiction and abuse. However, dependence will develop if taken reguarly. Doctors love to prescribe it for pain because it is pretty much the only drug stronger than an NSAID or Tylenol that is not a controlled substance (although I think that may not be true in a few states that have made it a sched IV med). It's one of those meds that some people swear by and others say it's like taking an aspirin. I think it's most helpful for conditions that have a component of nerve pain since the antidepressant properties work on that.

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