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Unhappy Is this mono?? :/ HELP!!!

My name is Claire and I have a dislocated knee!! I'm 13, so during school, my friend Sydney helps carry my books to my classes! Sydney has this friend, Lexxi, who JUST got back from school on Thursday from having Mono! I don't talk to her much, but Sydney and Lexxi are REALLY close. When she first got back, she hugged Sydney and during that hug, she sneezed right in Sydney's face. Sydney didn't thing much of it.
During lunch, Sydney had Arizona Iced Tea I LOVVEE ice tea so I took a sip, after she did. I didn't know Sydney had been sneezed on my Lexxi, so I didn't know to be cautious. I missed school Friday due to my knee and my class was doing an all day field trip to a base ball game (for band! We did the national anthem!) so I didn't go. I discovered that I started having a mild sore throat and a mild fever (99.6f) so i rested, took Motrin, and a hot shower! I slept terribly!!! I went into bed at like 9:30 and finally feel asleep at ... 1:30 am ish! I would sleep at 20-70 minute intervals. Every night has been like that so far (UGHHHH) and i've been getting worse. My symptoms are...

-runny nose, stuffy nose, throbbing headache, pain in my stomach/upper abdomen, temp of 102.6, watery eyes, yellow eyes, sneezing, coughing up mucus that taste like blood occasionally, and EXTREME HUGEEEEE fatigue!!! Also, I urinate about 4-5times a day normally (sorry! Awkward!) but I urinated like.. 1 maybe 2 times a day. I also snack a TON but now, if you hand me food, I will be like "ugh, no!!!" because my stomach hurts and throat. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO off recently.

Sydney isn't different. She's exactly the same as me except she has a temp of 103.3f! What could this be?!?! Mono?!?!?!!?! Or whatelse?? Please help!!

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