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Re: Anyone with LPR and healing well ??

Originally Posted by cindyloutx View Post
Hello all. I first started having symptoms on Feb.18th this year (2011). I was misdaiagnosed with pharyngitis and possible strep. I had a sore throat, major sinus drainage, and trouble swallowing solid food. Went to see an ENT the next week. He scoped me and sent me for an Upper GI Barium Swallow. After that, I was put on Dexilant 60mg in the A.M. and Zantac 150mg P.M. As of today, it's been 69 days and I can still not eat solid food. To just stay alive, I can get down Instant Breakfast drink, Cream of Wheat, Water, Mashed potatoes and gravy (instant), and yogurt. No caffeine and no alcohol.

Sometimes I will have a few pretty good days that make me think I'm starting to heal and get better. Then, I'll have a set back and the sore throat, burning stomach, globus feeling in my throat, and swollen tongue stuff start again for a few days. I live in south Texas where allergy stuff is bad for most people. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.

I got very depressed the first few weeks. It's as if my life has almost stopped. I don't go to functions or parties because I can't stand to watch everyone eat and drink and enjoying it all. We don't go out to dinner anymore either, all because of my condition. This stinks !! Can anyone offer me any hope here ? I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Help please.

I feel your pain and you are def. not alone. However, Dexilant at 1x per day for serious LPR reflux (assuming you dont have PVVN or some other issues outside of LPR) will not cut it. Every expert I have visited clearly stated this. You need to double the dose along with REAL dietary changes.... I too was Dexilant 1x per day for the past 3 or 4 months... wasted time and energy with limited relief and many ups and fact now I am worse. I recently visited a highly respected ENT in this area and was told things need to change if I want to get feeling better. I just started my new regimen, but Dexilant at 1x per day was def. not cutting it. Now doing 2x daily PPI PLUS Zantac, and Klonopin for PVVN. Hope you get better soon!