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Re: Anyone with LPR and healing well ??

Originally Posted by cindyloutx View Post
Also, which PPI do you take ? Is it a prescription or an over the counter one ? If it comes down to it, I may have to do an over the counter one, double it, and keep taking the Zantac at night on my own.
I am on Protonix, but many are on Nexium. I am not convinced that one of these things has better rep than others. Ive searched around. One person did say dont use Aciphex. If you already have Dexilant - start taking two - I am not a doc of course, but a friend of mine who is a GI told me that for short spurts to get patients on the right track he will tell them to take 2x 60mg Dexilant for like 2 weeks or so...then adjust from there, along with a VERY clean diet. Also, your diet is clean by most standards, but it may not be PH greater than 5 which I am told is necessary to aid in LPR recovery because pepsid can be active up to 5. Take out the yogurt and only use Lactaid milk. Stick with oatmeal, egg whites, turkey, chicken, fish, tofu, all vegetables, multi grain breads, chicken stock, NO canned goods or boxed goods, no condiments, fruits, seasonings, coffee, booze (this one kills me), sugar, pepper..just drink water... (all of this is advice from my doc FYI, and I just started myself - this is for two weeks and I am following it like religion)... also manuka honey in chamoille tea is good for a night cap. On the xanax front... I think as long as you are in control (no more than a pill a day) and it makes you feel better.. use it, that is what it is for, to get you through these hard times. I no longer punish myself for needing a xanax every once in the while. Hope you find a good doc in your area...