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Re: Anyone with LPR and healing well ??

I've had LPR for almost a decade now. For many years, I was able to keep it under control with a combination of medications, diet and lifestyle changes. Periodically, I would have to switch up PPI's because one would stop being as effective.

For the LPR, twice per day PPI's was most effective. I would often do that and also supplement with OTC meds like the chewable Gaviscon that creates that foam barrier. You can also take up to 300mg of Zantac with your PPI's also. I found Prevacid 30 mg twice per day in the Solutab version was one of the best for the longest time. For me, 60 mg Dexilant did work. It has the same active ingredients as the Prevacid and it has a delayed release of the same amount of medications as what I was taking on the Prevacid twice a day. Taking Dexilant is equivalent to taking 2 of any of the other prescription PPI's. Someone recommended you take 2 per day of Dexilant. I'd be extremely surprised if insurance would cover that. I tried to get insurance approval a few months ago but they view it as taking the equivalent of 4 per day of ther prescription PPI's and use of it at that level is "off" label. I couldn't get them to even consider it even though I've already tried everything else on the market systematically per what insurance requires. I just supplement with OTC meds with the PPI's.

I do want you to know it is possible to get LPR under control and keep it that way for extended periods of time. I achieved control for many years. That said, eventually my LPR became extreme and it has remained that way for the last few years. According to multiple specialists I'm doing everything I can at this point but my control of the LPR is on a razors edge. If I have something cause a flare, I will have about 4 months of suffering before I get it back in control again. My translation of what my 4 docs are telling me "we have no idea what else to do to help you because standard protocol isn't working anymore." I've been classified with extremely severe LPR/GERD with tests showing I have acid coming up into my throat 46% of the day. It is coming up in a gaseous form which is extremely hard to deal with.

By the way, I work with a Gastroenterologist, Pulmonologist, ENT and Primary Care Physician to address my reflux issues.
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