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Re: Home Doesn't Feel Like Home

I`ll be 19 this year and i had to deal with this at 16. I never got along with my mom and dad at that point in time. I do agree that you supposed to be considered an adult at 18. Even though that doesn`t count for some people. I think your mom just is worried about you and she doesn`t exactly know how to show it. She`s just worried that something bad will happen to you. I think sitting her down and telling her "hey look i`m 18 i`m mature enough to make my own decisions, and i love you, but i am mature enough to do things on my own." Everyone makes mistakes and you learn from them. Your mom is trying to look after you and she may not know exactly how to have that conversation. She may also be sorta angry, like my dad was, about someone did something to my little girl. She may just need some time to get over somethings. She cares about you and in time things will get better