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Hi Nedine,

Unfortunately I still have Tinnitus in recently operated ear. My ENT did say it should improve for me as I heal, but I can easily say thus far it hasn't. My understanding is that Tinnitus only improves in about 50% of the cases. Thus it is likely that if you had it before, you will have it after the operation. what usually happens is that the improvement in hearing results in less perception of it.

In exactly the same way as you I notice most at night in bed. For me it's the same in both ears pretty much although it is higher pitched in my recently operated ear. The hearing is much improved though, and although it's frustrating and difficult to deal with the tinnitus at times, I'm happy in the fact that it is no longer a struggle for me to communicate.

My understnding of Tinnitus based on my online research and questions I have asked Doctors, is that is caused due to the brain having trouble processing the vibrations from your conductive mechanisms (eardrum, and bones which include the stapes). The brain senses a vibration, but it isn't what it quite expects so it makes a noise to compensate for that frequency.

It is important to remain positive, I am told that over time Tinnitus can reduce as the brain learns to interpret vibrations again. Additionally, as the hearing improves post operatively the tinnitus can become less perceptible, and often if the ringing is new we will adapt and can learn to effectively mask the sound or cope with them. So keep being the positive Nedine we are getting to know!

To answer you question - Of course we get colds and flu in Australia. Those pesky little buggers are everywhere. Although it is largely warmer in this big brown country, the temperature changes can often be extreme. Where winter days can get up to 24 degrees when it's dry, clear and sunny. Overnight they will quickly drop to freezing.

Oh Shopping! I need to do some of that Today during my lunch hour. Is Minneapolis a famed shopping spot?

I hope you feel better soon, and enjoy the shopping spree.