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Re: Very long, yet very desperate!! Pernicious anemia, b12 def., iron def. anemia

Hi Happy,
You should have had loading doses of B12. I didn't and I did not feel better until I switched doctors who then did the loading doses and let me inject weekly.... I felt so much better!

Low folate and PA go hand in hand, just FYI. Your folate levels can drop quite suddenly or go up quite suddenly. As a precaution, my doctor has me take 400mcg of folate (folic acid) daily and it has helped with my vision and nerve function. PA and ferratin issues also are related so I'm not surprised at your levels. Same with low D.. I had very low D levels, I didn't even register on the chart it was so low. I was taking 8000 iu daily and it took about 2 years to get up to a low-normal level. I'm taking 5000iu currently and will be tested later in the year to see if I've gone up anymore. Unless you are out in the sun for hours and hours, you don't absorb that much D and if you are severely deficient, you'll need a high dose supplement. PA also causes you to have absorption problems with ALL vitamins...

I have to say your story is SO familiar... there are many people walking around quite ill, yet a simple vitamin injection makes a world of difference. It's quite shocking to hear that most GP's don't include a B12 test when doing routine bloodwork

When I was diagnosed, the hematologist was very surprised... said this is an "old persons" disease, I was 40, hardly old. I felt old though I too feel as though I've had this disease since birth, I've always felt sluggish and fatigued. My parents always made me go to bed at 7 so I could get more rest, yet throughout my life I never felt rested even after being in bed 12 hours. I could nap almost immediately after getting out of bed...

Your heart palpatations may be caused by low magnesium... have that checked. Your last paragraph of symptoms can all be PA related and the anti-depressants do not help either. PA can cause depression (been there!) and once it's managed the depression will ease up. Maybe request another endoscopy to check for PA? I had blood tests and showed anti-bodies so I didn't need the endo....
I hope you get the answers you need SOON... you should not have to keep suffering.