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Question shoulder pain, neck pain...

it's been more than 3 months now i've been in pain. i woke up one day and felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder thinking it was just may be the way i slept. took some ibuprofen but pain did not go away. after may be 2 weeks pain became worst. I run to the ER thinking there might be something wrong with my heart. they did x-ray and 12 leads ekg... gave me acetaminophen and a shot of morphine. i went home feeling better ( at least i could move my arm) but i also almost past out. my pain became worst and i went to see a specialist all he did was a cortisone shot . few days later it was my other shoulder , went to the doctor: same treatment : cortisone. finally i went back and told him that i was still in pain. they sent me for a Mri, emg, cbc, chest xray, echo, stress test, for them to tell me : everything came back normal. now they want me to go for a bone scan. i dont know what to do. i dont know what to think now. i've been on vicodin, tramadol, meloxican, voltaren, mobick etc... i dont have one day without pain. seems those drugs are not effective but they keep on telling me to take them. is there anyone here who can help or give me a hint of what would it be. until now there is no diagnosis. seems to me that they are not really focussing. now my blood pressure is getting higher and higher ( i've never had high blood pressure ) they had to put me on BP medicine. please somebody help.

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