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Re: Nutrition suggestions needed-changing my eating habits

I love salads and make them often! My recommendation is to regularly try some new things, because I find that I get stuck eating the same things pretty often and get burnt out on them. I love grilled chicken with a side of salad/veggies, but occasionally I treat myself to a lean steak. For snacks, I'm currently loving certain fruit and nut bars, trail mix, and fruits/veggies. One of my favorite snacks would be grape tomatoes! Every once in a while I do buy something decadent to enjoy every now and then, like a cupcake or slice of cake. Most of all I notice a big difference when I'm not eating too carb-heavy. I used to eat too many carbs and too little protein and fresh produce, and then I tend to feel very tired all the time. Lots of fresh foods and more protein usually helps me feel more energized.

I actually tried to give up aspartame but was not successful! I frequently chew gum because of a medication I take that gives me a very dry mouth... I didn't want to chew gum with sugar in it, and I already drink a lot of water, so I decided I'd keep my gum for now. I also like crystal light energy powder, so I am looking for a good replacement! I thought that cutting out aspartame might help my migraines, but with some experimenting, I learned that it wasn't making any difference whether I had it or not. I definitely would love to give it up and find replacements for everything one day