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Re: Marriage + FM= Disaster

Thank You Blue
I know it's been hard for me so understand it's hard on him. I've had problems for years & I told him about it when we were first getting serious years ago. He just has a hard time understanding why I can't push myself like I used to... I guess it's been easier for me to accept..
The house & property looks great! I really couldn't have done what I did if it weren't for my very best friend. It gave me the opportunity to show my kids what a true friend is. That it's not the quantity of friends but the quality of friends. I do anything I can to help her also, & that's how it should be. We don't have allot of $ but we gave her extra cash because they would of been overdrawn last month. She didn't want to take it, & it was a very small amount compared to everything she did. But it helped. Plus I was doing the cooking & it saved them from having to buy groceries & it also got her out of the house. They don't have television so her & the kids loved being able to watch tv. Especially since we have DVR so was able to record stuff for them.
But if it weren't for her, I may have done 1/5 what we accomplished. She gave me the push I needed also.
With the birds, hatching is easy. It's the setting them up in brooders, cleaning & selling that is exhausting. We've sold allot of birds the last 2 days, was at the shop around 7 times yesterday... I'm going to be paying my 11 yr old to clean the brooders. It'll give her the chance to earn $ & save me from having to do it. She's trying to save up for a I-Pad, will be saving for a long time! lol
Anyhow, gonna go relax for abit, I think... The baby is up but pretty content so far...
Sooo sore today, the headache, back & neck pain it the worst... Trying to not take anything again today... This is the 3rd day without pain meds.
How are you doing Blue? It was nice to have the window of wellness while it lasted... felt almost human lol
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