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Re: Marriage + FM= Disaster

Originally Posted by monalisa24 View Post
Girl Ive kinda got to know you these pasts few months on here, but then i didn't see your posts for awhile and then when i saw your screen name ,either it got shortened or is my fibro fog , but i wasn't sure if it was sure it was

but was so upset reading your latest post! im so soooorrry! you work soo hard! and we are soo proud of you!
im not gonna get into saying what you should do because just like blue said are the only one who can decide what you can live with...but like blue i had to end a 16yr marriage because his attitude helped in making me sick! remb i was on major meds while with him...

now im in a wonderful relationship,yes with our own stresses with step children an different ideas on raising children ....BUT..the difference is he believes in me and tries his best to understand my illness..i really think that in itself makes the world of difference in alot of how im feeling or at least how i COPE... is probably a better word for it.

remb where always here for you, we here ,are a Family!

hugs girl, Monalisa..oxoxo
Thanks Monalisa
Yes, they shortened it or something... Threw me off also lol
I guess I have higher expectations from him sometimes... I have noticed that when he gets in his moods, I'm depressed, stressed, ect & just feel awful... It does make a difference... I know I can't make him understand anything & I don't expect to be babied. But I wish he would just leave me alone & not be a jerk. He doesn't get it & that's fine, but he needs to keep him mouth shut then lol You know, he tries to be playful like we used to do before all of this hit hard... He smacks me on the leg or butt, however it really hurts. Then if I snap at him, say ouch, he gets defensive because "that didn't hurt". But it does hurt to the point of fighting back tears. I've always had a high pain tolerance but I have limits... I guess it bothers him because I'm not the same as I used to be. But there is no changing that. ugh

Hugs Blue,
I don't know how you do it... Hopefully I can have your attitude one day. I love your outlook on everything ♥
I don't usually take pain meds often, usually when I just have no choice... I did ok at first when starting on the house... But didn't last long. Started on the Tramadol to keep going. But I think pacing myself helped allot because usually I flare up no matter what & get terribly sick. But did pretty good Now that I'm done on the house for alittle bit, I want to keep away from the pain meds unless I just can't move...

Appraisal went well! More that what we needed it to appraise for! yippee!!!
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