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Red face Seizure brought on by standing up?

Hi, I'm 24 and have never been diagnosed with epilepsy or any seizure disorder. The first time an "episode" happened to me I was 13 years old. I stood up after eating and blacked out. I don't even remember standing up. I awoke on the kitchen floor surrounded by the broken glass from the bowl that I had dropped. And my dad who saw it happened told me he thought I was having a seizure. I saw a doctor later that day who tested my blood and put me on a heart monitor for a few days. Nothing came of it and it was chalked up to I "just stood up too fast". At the time I was ok with that and went on with my life.
Since this happened I've had MANY dizzy spells when standing. I can typically feel it coming on and I'll just sit down or hold myself up against a wall. I'll get very dizzy and hot and weak for a few seconds, sometimes briefly black out. But then I feel fine afterwards, sometimes I'll feel a bit weak for a couple of hours.
Now, there have only been maybe 5 times or so that I have had an episode where I start convulsing and end up blacking out and waking up on the floor after standing up and feeling the intense dizziness. I'll feel a little confused but I usually figure out what has happened pretty quickly. I remember feeling dizzy, I kind of remember confulsing. I don't remember when I black out or fall.
In the 11 years I've been having this problem I haven't worried too much about it. I now have a 3 month old soon and the latest episode happened today. I didn't bit my tongue, but I bit my lip pretty hard. I am really worried if this happens again when I'm holding my baby.
Any advice/help welcomed, thank you!

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