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Re: What i've learned about swine flu & recovery

Hi there,
I am really interested in what you have been saying about this virus. Me and my children have had it and seem to be on a continuing but reducing cycle of it. I am trying everything to try and rebalance us but not much is working. How long do you think you had the virus for all together (including post viral symptoms) and how long did you have to treat with this diet, garlic, siberian ginseng and Vit D3 till you found the symptoms were no longer a problem?

We all seem to be fine for a week or so then the whole cycle starts up again with cold, sweats, headaches, then poorly tummy for another week. It is relentless. I have tried supplementing with food state vitamins, magnesium calcium, artichoke (for the liver), vit Bs etc but have a sneaky feeling that the gurgly tummy I get just means it is going in one end and not being absorbed properly at all in the small intestine. My acupuncturist has been treating my small intestine now for about 6 months ( she picked it up as well as a lung issue way before the real viral symptoms show... about two months)! She says that the virus is slowly getting better but I would love to be able to knock it on the head!

Interesting also what you said about the water balance. I was a very happy 8 stone 8 before the virus after loosing 3 stone post-pregnancy and now the water in my body is bringing me up to 8 13 on a regular basis. Right now with gurgly tummy and post viral aches I feel like a big water sponge! Is there anything you have found that can help this?

Hope you have managed to keep the virus off!