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Re: Constant Dizziness And Nausea


What is MAV?

I was not taking any medicines prior to this problem.

The source seems to be the nerves along the back of my skull. Like I said, when I recline / tilt my head the motion sickness occurs. When I tilt my head back I feel the shocking sensation in the back of my skull. And when I lay the back of my head against something, like my chair, or my head falls back against the chair headrest, I feel the shocking sensation.

The MD who prescribed Gabapentin was the only doctor to try any physical tests on my skull. He pushed on the nerves to the left and right of the back of my skull. On the left, when he pushed that nerve, it caused pain, which he said was not supposed to happen. When he pushed the nerve on the right side of the back of my skull my arms and legs went numb, then I had a panic attack and almost passed out. Needless to say he didn't expect that. I guess that's why he gave me Gabapentin.

I'm hyper-sensitive to medicines, so I'm trying to work up the dosage on the Gabapentin but it will take time.