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Re: Reoccurring dream?

Originally Posted by Belly Kelly View Post
Hi. About every other month or so I have this reoccurring dream and I wonder if it is related to stress (when I have a big project coming up with work that is weighing on my mind).

The dream is that I am either walking or riding my bike home, but I have to go through this bad neighborhood first. Once I hit the bad neighborhood, I start to panic. There are drug users and prostitutes in my dream and I believe one time I was shot in the dream (can't quite remember right now).

Anyone have reoccurring dreams?
My recurring dream is an old house and a church. In times I dream of getting married, I always see my groom with blank face. It's always the same. Other than these, I'm flying but I use swimming strokes to fly high. LOL. And numerous snakes but they don't bite me.