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Re: Is it considered rape?

Originally Posted by Izzyconrad2 View Post
I already went threw this at my school because my junior year my current boy friend told the school to protect me. I don`t exactly know if i`d call it rape i need advice. When i was 12 a 16 year old that lived next door to me, started giving me signs he liked me. I like him as well. We started getting closer but i would never do anything. We did do it after about a year even though i really didn`t want to i didn`t want him to get mad and leave me. So i did it anyway. I seriously don`t remember much about any of the times we did have sex other then i know we did. It was usually short and right after he was done that was it. That went on untill i was 15 then i finally got the courage to tell him to stop. I got the courage from my anger cause i figured out he was getting married and he was joining the army. Which was so freakin messed up. My boyfriend said it should be considered rape because of his age and mine. But i know at one point i wanted it and i didn`t want him to leave. He was my first and i can`t ever get him completely out of my head. Now he just pops up like once a year from like certain memories. So would this be considered rape. I seriously don`t know.
It depends upon which state you were in.
Every state has different laws regarding sex with minors.
The fact that you were both minors at the time means that it is not illegal in most states.
Additionally, many states have a law that even if you are a minor and he isn't, it's not illegal if there is less than four years' age difference between the two of you. This is probably because most people don't believe high schoolers should go to jail for having sex with other, younger high schoolers, and also because many older high school kids date college kids, and most people don't think that should be illegal either.

If you want to know if what happened is illegal in your state, look up "age of consent laws by state".
You'll be shocked by some of them, lol. For instance, in some states fourteen is the legal age of marriage (with parental consent or judicial bypass). So, any age of man could have sex with a fourteen year old, as long as he marries her first. It's kinda messed up.

Anyway, good luck with your search.

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