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Re: Staplectomy

What Happened??????

On May 13, I blew my nose and my hear popped. I couldn't believe it. My hearing was 100% recovered. I was so happy, my hearing was so clear. No fullness, no ringing of the ear. Sounds were so crystal clear. The surgery was 100% successful. It was unbelieveable. I was so elated, so happy. Then 12hours later I took a shower with an ear plug in. I was very careful washing my hair and then I felt some water get into the ear canel and trickle into the inner ear and it was over. The ear got plugged and the hearing was gone. What happened? I had 12 hours of unbelievable hearing, is it gone forever? Has this ever happened to anyone? My ENT is out of town and an family physician couldn't explain what happened. I hope my hearing comes back again. I have never experience hearing like that for years.
I'm not usually superstious but it was Friday the 13th.