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Question 10 months after injury - dislocated patella/rutured soft tissue/bakers cyst


Hoping someone can help either put my mind at rest or offer guidance.

In july last year I fell off a ladder into the corner wall from where the chimney breast wall juts out. The top of kneecap took the entire force of the fall.

At the time I lay on the floor in agony and eventually managed to get up on my good leg (left) and get help. I stayed with my parents that night as I couldn't straighten my leg fully or bend it much. The next day I went to hospital and had it x-rayed. The said it was just tissue damage and nothing broken. I was sent home with only a tubular bandage for company.

I got about 10 physio sessions afew weeks later when bruising and swelling had gone down alot. Then I had to stop the sessions as I changed jobs and no longer had private medical insurance. When I left physio my knee pain wasn't too bad so I didn't seek help on the NHS as I thought it would get stronger and better on it's own.

However, 10 months on after the injury I still can't do what might be classed as an everyday task like going down on my honkers or kneeling. I can't swim breaststroke because I can't kick my knee out in any kind of way. I stopped surfing and I can't walk far.

So, I paid to go to a recommended physio this week and they think what has happened was alot worse than initially thought in hospital. She thinks when the knee made impact with the wall the kneecap dislocated and caused the soft tissue around it to rupture. It feels loose and abit unstable all the time. The physio confirmed I have a 'tracking' issue where she said the patella isn't sitting in it's 'groove'.

Pain levels on a daily basis marking out of 10 (10 being the first few days after the fall) is around the 7 or 8 mark for entire knee and also sometimes the bone going down from the knee. I also have a Bakers cyst at the back of the knee which is causing me pain too.

My question I guess is, do you think surgery will be neccessary from the sound of things? Physio will see me again in a week. She has given me exercises to try and strengthen the muscle above my knee as it has basically disappeared compared with my left leg.

The physio thinks surgery looks likely but I'm wondering if physio alone would strengthen the muscles enough to not need it?

I really am desperate to get walking, swimming and surfing again. I was also advised by the physio to put a complaint in to the hospital and physio who saw me the first time as they should have referred me to a consultant but that's another issue entirely!

Many thanks,
Furry Paws

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