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Re: Nissen fundo in 3 weeks - what to expect?

Originally Posted by Todd74 View Post
Hi there,
I also had a Nissan in 2008 and am more than happy to answer any questions you have.
The operation went well for me and I had a 360 degree wrap. The degree of wrap does have an affect on the symptoms too so ask your surgeon what he is planning to do.
After the operation I was not allowed to eat meat or bread for some time and was on a liquid diet to start gradually working up to soft foods.
You will find you can only eat tiny meals and you need to chew everything thoroughly before swallowing.
I did have some issues with swallowing occasionally this was often due to eating to fast. When you drink you will need to sip and not gulp or the swallowing be ones an issue.
I had severe symptoms before the op that had got so bad I cooky not keep any food down and had permanent reflux and sickness.
This stopped immediately after surgery.
Pain wise it was not bad the worst pain is the air in your shoulders but this is helped a lot by moving around as much as possible.
Burping was impossible but now I can do tiny burps and although being sick is not meant to be possible I had an illness and I was sick with it but that was severe heaving, I have had minor bugs which have made me heave ut not be sick.
I lost a lot of weight initially nearly two stone but this settled and I keep a consistent weight now.
I can still only eat tiny meals and find if I drink before I eat I vpcant eat a meal. It does change your eating habits but for the better I think.
I do not regret my operation one little bit and would not be worried if I had to go through it again. I have had lots of operations for various things and the Nissan was not as bad as others.
You will haw five little scars which heal quickly and fade to tiny little marks.
I wish you the best of luck and hope all goes well for you.
If I can answer any questions feel free to contact me or ask on here and I will do my best to answer them.
Take care
Clair x
Thanks Todd74, I really appreciate it your feedback. I am so glad that you are doing so well. I sure hope to have the same results I just feel as thought I have been dealing with this for so many years, I cannot wait to finally get some relief. The biggest problem that I have is the breathing. My breathing is too shallow, I can never get a deep breath. And it has really affected my physical activity, which is hard for me because I am VERY physically active. I have had a few panic attacks over the years because of this, it just really worries me and gives me anxiety. I hope it goes well for me, thanks so much for your support!!!