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Re: 10 months after injury - dislocated patella/rutured soft tissue/bakers cyst

Thanks barb70

I went to GP this morning and they are referring me to an ortho consultant. Could be about 3 months wait as I no longer have private medical cover since changing jobs. The GP also suggested an MRI scan to see what's happened.

I guess I just need to be patient but it's already been 10 months and the pain on some days is almost as bad as when I first fell.

The doctor today actually questioned whether there was a cyst and even I can feel it! She said only an ultrasound can tell for sure but I had one on Monday and it was confirmed.

I feel like I'm fighting a battle with GPs just to get things done. This isn't the first time they haven't referred me quick enough or misdiagnosed me. In 2008 I had unrelated problems and they fired 8 rounds of antbiotics at me before I pushed to see a specialist. Turns out I had the start of hodgkins lymphoma!! I know GP's are only human.. but where I'm concerned they seem to constantly make mistakes.