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One swollen tonsil for almost two months?

I'm a little worried , I had a cold back in March and both of my tonsils were swollen (my left one more so) however my right one went done to its normal size after a few days and my left one went down a bit, but still hasn't gone back to its normal size and is still pretty swollen. It doesn't hurt, I can't feel it, it's just more so annoying and I am also worried. Its been about two months now and I have been to the Doctor about it, it wasn't much help he didn't have much to say other than it will eventually go down and that it was clean (no bacteria on it). I'm concerned though on what could be causing it to be swollen still, and if it's anything serious to worry about? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I'm a 19 yr old healthy female, I've never smoked and I hardly ever drink. Much help would be appreciated! I'll probably go see an ENT if it doesn't clear up in a few weeks..

any experiences would help!

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