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Hi Chiquitas!

How is everyone doing? How are the babies doing?
Ally and AEV, still hanging in there?

Alexis is doing great. She was 3 weeks old yesterday. She now weighs 7 lbs 6 oz! Her pediatrican asked if we were feeding her cream because she is really packing on the pounds. She changes every day. She is really starting to get a round face and chubba cheeks just like her momma. I can't wait until she recognizes faces and smiles when we talk to her. My mom said that happens usually around 4-6 weeks so I'm getting anxious!

I don't know if you saw my other post or not, but she finally did go poop. She hadn't moved her bowels in over 38 hours and I was really getting concerned. Her pediatrician just told me to eat lots of fruit today and to drink plenty of fluids. I ate a whole jar of apple sauce (big jar!) and that certainly cleaned out her poop shoot. Nursing is still going well. I soley nurse her during the day and I supplement formula at night so she will sleep a little longer. She is such a little oinker - during the day she nurses every 1.5 hours. I can't imagine doing that all night do you guys do it?? (Karcia and KMC). Are you nursing too Mysurprise?? If not, what type of formula are you using? We use Similac Advance with Iron, but I'm wondering if the iron is just too much for her little tummy.

So how are all your babies doing? Are you all sleep deprived like me?? Actually, I can't really complain -she is starting to get on a schedule at night. I'll give her a bottle of formula around 11:30 - she'll sleep till 3:30-4:00 - I'll feed her again - and then we'll sleep in until around 8:30-9:00. Ally and AEV enjoy your sleep while you can!! Then again, I'm sure you guys are up peeing 4-5 times a night, so you are used to the sleepless nights!

I know everyone is busy with the little ones, but please post if you can. I'd love to hear from you guys!!

Mommy to Alexis
Mommy to Alexis

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