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Question I think I have skin cancer??

Hi there, I am developing very bad health anxiety lately, seems like I have had one health issue after another. I have not been feeling well, just now energy, tired, pains.. Anyway I am a 29 year old woman and cancer does run in my mothers family. I am not sure that anyone has had skin cancer but I am worried. 3 weeks ago I noticed that I got a few blood bubbles under my skin so I have been inspecting my skin everyday and I notice that I am breaking out in Moles. They start as little freckles I think or thats what they look like. I noticed 2 on my arm that were not there last week and some others also. I have a growth on the bottom of my left foot that looked like a mole but its not a circle and its raised. Its been there for a few years now. It has some brown in it but its not all the way brown. I also noticed a brown spot on the side of my big toe. I thought I got hurt or something but its just a brown spot. I have also noticed in the past couple of months that the I also have white spots on my body, looks like discoloration. I also have gotten in the past month a bunch of those raised brown skin things all over my chest! I have a growth on my neck that the doctor I seen yesterday said was a skin tag. I tried to tell her about the moles coming out of no where but she was very short with me and said yeah sooo, this happens as you get older, I dont think its anything to worry about. She gave me a referral to a dermatologist but said that I should wait until I have some insurance to go, meanwhile I am afraid! I dont know anything about skin cancer. The moles dont look funny, just like normal moles, I have 2 that are a bit raised but I have had them both for as long as I can remember. They weren't always raised but they were always there. I am just very afraid. I have one near my belly button and it must have been kind of raised because I scratched it and it almost came off, now its kind of hard. I also have 2 moles on my thighs that are small and black not far from each other. I do not spend a lot of time in the sun. I do smoke and I need to stop that or I will probably get lung cancer if I dont already have that too. Anyway has anyone had something like this happen to them? For the past few days I have been so SCARED that I cant sleep or even eat. Please any advice or help? I wonder if its to late if I do have it since they are coming up so fast?? I had blood work the other day and everything was normal with that. I have cat scans of my brain and abdomen and pelvis within the past few months that were normal also. Ok thank you in advance for reading my post. I know I seem like a paranoid crazy person but I am just really afraid. Thanks

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