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Re: Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)

xoxoxo lots of love and empathy my friend. i am 39 and was diagnosed with CPEO and have to see a Rheumatolist. My eyes have been drooping probably for the last year or so and light sensitivity the last 18 months has gone from bad to unbearable (esp computer and florescent lights). I have not had the hearing prob. etc but it is a big blow and along with Plantar Fasciitis (i got that about 18 years ago), I now have CPEO, it sucks espc. the drooping eyes and went to hospital and they said b/c dry eyes, no surgery until lid almost completely closes.
so, all this sounds like a big blow to you to. How are you coping, how many Dr have you seen. i've seen four and i guess my new dr (Rheumatologist) will be five.