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Re: Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)

quick note, my first neauro-opth/occuplastic surgeon I saw... did eyelid biopsy (result inconclusive) but from what recent dr said, a biopsy could be done on thigh, to know for certain, but since i was diagnosed with CPEO and there is no therapy or cure... I probably won't bother. Also regarding eye surgery to open my eyes up, b./c i have severe dry eye, frontails sling surgery was recommended by two doctors, however recent visit to H, said i should wait till vision is almost totally blocked b/f I think of getting frontails. I did go to an Occuplastic Surgeon/Neauromuscular in fl, and he was ready to do lower then upper lid lift, NO NO NO... I've read good and not so good reviews on Frontails sling. I wonder how long I need to wait and i feel my eyes are pretty droopy already. I'm glad I recieved several opinions.