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Re: Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)

Hi, Oh I am sorry to hear that you cry all the time. Yes you need an anti depressant or something. Ok since I am so new to all this please explain what the eye sling is all about I have read on here a lot of people talking about that. Just not too sure what it details.I find myself withdrawing from people due to the hearing loss. I have become quite the loner. I am still working (I am a PSW) and pretty much doing 40 hrs a week but I am tired, very tired.
From what I have researched it seems most people have the droopy eyes. Not anyoe has mentioned the hearing loss. And yes I have read it is very rare and Dr. even don't seem to know much about it.
I also get all this noise in my deaf hear, like music, a thump thump thump, ting ting ting, drives me friggin mental.
The bottoms of my feet are puffy ususlly in the morning then that goes away, but I can go off balance anytime when walking. How do they do the muscle biopsy, any idea?
Where do you live? A support group would be great. But even this helps. Glad to be talking to you and hearing how you are coping.
Do u have a feeling in your eyes like grit or sand? I have read that people with the dry eyes can have that too.
Well thanks for the message, keep in touch. I hope you have a good day! Try to keep your head up. (hugs to you)

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