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Re: I need help please! 2 MRI's, something isn't right...

Hi there dont no if this will help but here goes I have had 3 back operations 4 mri scans and 3 ct scans various other injections and procedures.One thing I have learned is different doctors have different opions just like car machinics.It may well be they cant see anything on your scans but this does not mean your pain or problem is not real, that is one of the mistorys of back problems as my last mri showed my fusion is solid and the rest of my back is in good condtion,but that was 3 years ago and I live in terrible pain evry day I am still searching for answers.I would sugest you find the best spinal surgeon you can and get him to look at your mri,he may see something others have missed as they often do miss things in my experiance.Best of luck I know how you feel.