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Re: its getting unbearable!

I might have endometriosis myself, although I'm only 17. I don't think that, if I do have it, my case is severe enough to have a hysterectomy, but my mom and my aunt had one done. In my mom's case, she had a full hysterectomy (ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes taken out), but my aunt only had her uterus taken out. I don't know if you're concerned about hormone therapy (my mom takes estrogen, but my aunt doesn't). If you are, you could probably get a partial hysterectomy and keep your ovaries. I've heard that getting one ovary removed might help with cysts, as well. While this won't cure your endometriosis, it might help with some of the pain you are experiencing because of cysts. That way, you could still have children later on, then after having children, consider a full hysterectomy.
The pain that you're experiencing sounds quite severe, though, and if that's influencing your life too much, you might just want to listen to your doctors and get a hysterectomy. Ultimately, however, it's your choice to get a hysterectomy or not. They can't force you to. If you want to wait until having children before taking such measures, you could talk to your doctor about alternative surgeries.
I apologize if this response is a little vague-I havn't personally gone through a hysterectomy, but I hope this helped a little. Also, I know it's tough to not worry, especially when you are in pain, but try not to stress too much, as anxiety often makes pain worse.
Best of luck!