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I could use some constructive feedback

I had polio in Miami in 1953 as a young boy. Fortunately, I was able to walk out of the childrens hospital after a few months treatments. Since about 35, I started having imbalances in my hip/back musculature. My right hip would stick out to the side and I walked at an angle. It affected both legs so I could not get off the floor., until after I took a muscle relaxant and painkiller. I saw an MD and a Chiropractor the two times this occurred. I found the Chiropractic to be very helpful and was able to resume my usual lifestyle.
I'm aprox. 66 now. About 8 years ago, my right leg failed to support me and I fell. For about 2 years after that, I had no problems. About 5 years ago on a long auto trip my right leg went numb. After that, it failed to support me a few times.
I'm a veteran and use the VA. They did full brain & spine MRI's with contrast, and have X-rayed my lower back pelvic areas twice, and my right knee, since sometimes it is a little painful on the inside part around the kneecap. Since then, I do PT stretches the VA suggests such as knees to chest and hamstring stretches. They do help loosen me for mobility. However, I tire easily and usually need to nap in the afternoon. Both my feet barely will lift from the floor. I feel sometimes they are like dead weights. I do limited walking in my home. I tried in the past to walk the inside perimeter of Lowe's or Walmarts, but am usually barely able to make it back to the car again and get in. Sometimes I take Cyclobenzeprine (a small dose) and that seems to calm things down a bit. I do ab crunches in my chair. No matter what I do, the problem does not get better.
I've thought about going to a Chiropractor again, but due to my age I don't want to make it worse. The VA may send me to an Acupuncturist MD they have. I should know soon about that. My Va doctor said it's most likely post-polio syndrome, but none of the doctors will say for sure that it is or is not.
I have seen 4 separate doctors there. I have a wheelchair so I use it when I get out, otherwise I use a walker. I usually have little or no pain. Sometimes,
MY foot or both feet slant outward a little, so that I am not walking on the flat of my foot, rather a little to the outside of it or them.

Any thoughts about this? I would appreciate. Thank you.

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