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Re: its getting unbearable!

Get a second opinion ASAP. I completely feel your pain. I was almost 4 years ago. I have been through 2 laps, and am starting my second try at Lupron to induce menopause...and still 2 weeks out of every month I am in agony. I switched drs, but this dr doesn't feel i need pain meds so I am on my own.,.I call their crying almost everyday but they wnt me to "let the lupron work" It's very frustrating. Ask about stopping the birth control..I got an IUD placed which was supposed to help, but didn't, (although it's good birth control) and later was put on OCs...when I got my second opinion he said sometimes the pills and other treatment cause thing telling your body to stop producing and the other to try to cycle it...ask about that. The only other thing I can say is get FMLA for your job, that way you won't lose it..I have been out of work so much I used all my vacation and sick time. It sucks!! Good luck..stay strong...and definitely check around your area for someone who specializes in endo, or try a reproductive endocrinologist!