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Re: blood in mouth and Thyroid

Originally Posted by kvgirl View Post
Hi! That sounds uncomfortable. I have a few thyroid nodules and some swollen glands. I have never had any issues in my mouth. Although I do get the heart palapatations quite frequently. I had one of my nodules biopsied (1.4 cm) and it was negative. I would go and see and ent or maybe your dentist if you feel like it is coming from you gums. Depending on the size of your nodule, I was told by a tech that they have to biopsy if the growth is 1 cm or larger, so keep that in mind when you have your ultrasound. Good Luck!

When you say heart palpation's how fast is your heart rate mine goes to 130 at times and pounds practically out of my chest. That puts you at risk for a blood clot to. Once I got to 150 the heart isn't pumping right and it keeps blood then what happens it throws it out in the form of a clot. It's dangerous to have heart palpation's of 150 and above. This scares me! Thanks for sharing. Also is the biopsy painful???? How is it done under local anesthetics?

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