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Re: blood in mouth and Thyroid

Hi, I had no idea about the blood clot issue. I never measured the actual number, but I will have to tell my doc. It just feels like my heart is going to pop out of my chest. What did your doc say about it? Does he think it is related to your thyroid? I do think that your thyroid can cause rapid heart beat. How is the blood in your mouth? That baffles me... I had a biopsy and everyone told me it wouldn't hurt and it didn't. They give you a local numbing and that's the only thing that stung. The actual biopsy is a breeze. I was a little sore for about 3 weeks with a small bruise and a mild sore throat. But that is normal, it all went away. I have a ct scan on wed. with contrast. If nothing else shows than I am going to stop worrying for a while. What is the latest on all of your test? Good luck!