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Itching - broke out in small red bumps

About a week and half ago I was working in the yard there may have been some poison ivy not sure. About 9 days later I just started itching all over but nothing was there. One morning I woke up and these small red dots that looked like bug bites were on my leg and itched so bad. I couldn't stand it and went to the doctor and she said it was mosquito bites and she said it is not bed bugs or poison ivy. I don't have bed bugs because my husband sleeps in the same bed and has no symptoms like mine. I have an exterminator that comes every three months. My dog has no flees because he is on a once month treatment and he is very clean. Anyway, these bumps had me itching for 3 days. They are finally disappearing. Today I woke up feeling like I want to itch my arms but nothing is there and I have this bad feeling they will show up the same way tomorrow. I am under alot of stress and wondering if this is due to stress or am a paranoid with itching?

I took off my artificial nails thinking that might be the problem. I have been on the same medication for years. I have seen an allergist in the past and the only thing I am allergic to is cats but I have no cats. I have no immune problems but I saw a liver specialist a year ago was tested for all immunities and have none.

I feel like I am going nuts because I don't know what this is.

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