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Re: Adderall for depression..

JayJackson, Would you be kind enough to post an update as to how the dextroamphet is/was working for you? I came upon your post & there are many similarities between my situation and yours-I need adderall for add however am very depressed and over the course of 30 years have tried almost everything there is with no success for the depression. I have horrible worthlessness and self esteem, and lately have been wondering how I could "end it" in a way that would cause the least amount of embarrassment to my family. I would like my depression to be helped, but I can tell that my doc doesn't know what else to do. I've tried all the usual suspects-I was hopeful that cymbalta would be different because my brother has done well-but it, like all else, didn't make a dent in my depression. Thank you.

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