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Re: Itching - broke out in small red bumps

[QUOTE=janewhite1;4765537]It could be stress, heck, you could be itching almost out of habit. (Once the skin gets irritated, it's tough to un-irritate it.)

Have you tried a strong antihistamine for several days? That will knock out most rash-like problems unless you are being continually re-exposed to the source.

Just FYI: Bed bug bites always come in groups of three, because the bug bites 3 times. But, some people are not allergic to their saliva, so they can be bit and never know it.[/QUOTE]

weirdest thing is when I am talking to friends and not thinking about it I don't itch at all - when I think about all the things I have to do that is stressful I start to itch. I am older now and cannot handle stress at all. I notice if I concentrate on it and then I itch like crazy and then I get paranoid like I have this awful disease so the itching gets real bad. The mind is so powerful that you believe the worse.

My spots are healing.