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Re: Positive ANA/Joint Pain/Fatigue

Thank you vasculitismomma! Never thought about Vitamin D as being an issue. I'll make a point of trying to add more to my diet. Right now it's a lot of trial and error. And learning modified ways of doing tasks that once were easy.

My Rheumatolgist is all set on figuring out the cause to all this. Which is awesome. Only problem is, I had to switch jobs because the pain and swelling got so bad I wasn't able to perform to the best of my ability. And my job entitled a ton of chopping and cutting vegetables. And with me losing grip of everything, handling knives isn't the best (or safest) idea anymore. Though that means I lose my health insurance through that company. So I found a part time, much less hectic job. Explained that to her and she seems to want to still work with me. She gave me 6 months worth of anti-inflammatory medicine and said we're going to do as many phone consultation as possible. that way I'm not paying for doctor visits until I can find insurance. And hope that the dumb pre-existing condition won't bite me in the butt too much.

And I hope you're still finding answers to your issues and that everything is working out well!