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Re: Help Me Diagnose My Chronic Fatigue!

I've had nothing confirmed by tests but I guess it was useful to rule out some things - like addisons disease and thyroid issues - I'd say those are worth checking. I'm currently going through tests for gastric problems as my digestion has got quite severely bad now.
Key things for me are accepting I have this low level of energy and keeping within my bounds, learning to rest, learning to relax, eating a diet free from gluten, dairy, corn, soy, yeast, sugar especially, and I avoid most carbs cos I seem to do better without. I have spent quite a lot of time detoxing I think - I take at least 2g of vitamin C daily, magnesium, b vitamins, vitamin d. I avoid caffeine like the plague.

I used to be the same as you - when I got ill I was training to run a marathon and about to go and climb kilimanjaro. Sounds like you are doing good things but key for me is diet (especially avoiding sugar), and rest.

Do you take it easy and stop? Lighter exercise is probably better at this point, and whatever you do needs to be balanced with periods of rest and proper relaxation/switch off. I never used to stop or switch off, and thought I was invincible - and in the end my body made me stop quite dramatically and badly.

Have a look into adrenal fatigue...before the body crashes your adrenals are often pumping out cortisol heavily in order to keep up with the demands on it - feeling 'wired but tired' is an indicator of this.

Hope this helps somewhat. Take it easy, hope you find some answers soon, best wishes