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HBP medication after Cerebellum Stroke

Hi everybody,

Before I write about my problem - what is HBP medication and why is it taken with vitamin B12 supplements after cerebellum stroke

Please read the whole story below in case you’ve had similar problems and might be able to give me an advice.

I started looking about nausea and vomiting after a Cerebellum stroke and found your post.

My mother had a cerebellum "stroke"-malformation of some blood vessels in her cerebellum from which there was a blood leak.

My mum has no other damage except the nausea constipation and now vomiting. Her memory is intact and all the movement is there except some slight misbalance when walking (it’s only been 20 days since the stroke)

The doctors wanted to operate but my mum decided that if it’s her time so be it. (didn’t want to risk it if the operation wasn't successful and left her with any permanent damage.

Cut the long story short she is been home now for two weeks and except some high blood pressure in the first two days she 's been on the mend since.

She has been taking some “calming/relaxing” tablets and tablets to keep her blood pressure under control.

It was all looking positive until two days ago…

She has had constipation which hasn't gone since her having the stroke 20 days ago.

We gave her some medicine for it (syrups and stuff) but no luck. We had to do a colonic irrigation few times now.

We thought that the reason for the constipation could have been the lack of variety in her diet. (Since she wasn’t eating much and mainly dry food.)

So I’ve made sure she had some salads (lettuce) and some fruits (orange, cherries and watermelon) but there was still no improvement with her constipation.

Yesterday (Sunday) she started feeling some pains in her stomach like if there is build up of acidity. She vomited once in the afternoon and then ones before going to bed. Both times it happened after she’s been to the toilet (been up and then going back to bed when the dizziness is so bad that makes her vomit)

Today (Monday) she was fine all day but when got up to brush her teeth and gone back to bed the vomiting happened again. She describes it as if when she goes back to bed she gets dizzy and that dizziness makes her vomit.

The strangest thing is that she is so alert so witty like she’s always been but not eating a lot and vomiting for second day made her look very frail

Do you know from experience what we can do to help her with dizziness the vomiting and the constipation?

It makes me hurt seeing her suffer and I feel so bad that I can’t help her. The doctors (here in Bulgaria) seem so clueless that I realized that I have to look elsewhere for help and advise.

Please let me know if there is anything (even if it’s available only in US) that helps with those symptoms.

Thank you in advance

Rosen Stefanov