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Re: Itching - broke out in small red bumps

Ok so Sunday I didn't itch at all. On Monday I worked outside in the morning but it was hot and I had sunscreen on. I was cutting some more evergreen bushes and trees branches just like I did about 10 days ago. I went swimming and came in ate my dinner and I noticed my other leg was itching. These tiny and big red dots started to appear. They also started to itch. I did not see any bugs bit me outside. Now, my mom told me that she had an allergic reaction to an evergreen bush - she cut some evergreen bushes and got a splinter in her skin which caused her skin to itch and get really red even though she removed the splinter. It lasted for months but she did not break out like me on her legs and arms. Can you have allergic reaction to trees like the sap and it touches your skin and causes a rash? I worked on the yard (cutting evergreen) on the 18th and broke out on 25th. Yesterday worked on the yard and broke out on the other leg 8 hours afterward. Only on the legs and arms

My medicines I have been taking for years and never had a problem with them.

I do have a big problem with tree pollen and had chest congestion for a whole month during the early spring.

I am so scared thinking it my liver because I have fatty liver. My skin is fine - I don't see that it has changed yellow.

These red spots just start to appear and then I itch. VERY WEIRD!!!