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Angry Bipolar waiting for SSD Hearing!!!! Aaaahhhh!


Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the Hearing process? I had a set-back or breakdown (whatever you want to call it) in Jan of 2008. I took a leave from work, was fired April 2008. I filed for my SSDI due my excessive hi's and lows and I couldn't deal with people, just a lot of depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Now today things are worse, I feel everyone is out to get me and there seems to be no help. I was denied the 1st and 2nd time and couldn't concentrate enough or deal with too much of anything without my meds (lost insurance). Got my insurance back beginning of last year and thought why aint I heard anything..... SSA says Hey you didn't appeal for a hearing. So I did a 3rd appeal (1 year after 2nd denial 05/09) in 05/2010. I received a letter stating I need to give good cause. I told them the situation and they gave me my time and put me on a list for a hearing. First I was told I should have a hearing by May which ended yesterday but was never given even a judge. Well I got a letter 2 weeks ago from a judge to go to another #$%n CE. I went to 2 originally. This time I was there for 4 hours and had to take some MMPI test with 567 questions.... I thought I was gonna turn into a Super Saiyon!!! Positive note was the man had open space in the office and he was nice. He told me I was gifted... Go figure what is that... I told him just because you have disorders and react to things differently than others doesnt mean you have to be a darn idiot. I have enough problems with myself to not want or need to act as if I have another. Why would this judge (after SSA said I didn't even have 1 assigned to my case) send me to another CE??? I've been in therapy and on meds on and off since I was hospitalized at 14. Consistently for the most part for the past 3 years. Help please someone, Im so at the end of my rope!!!!!!!!

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