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Re: sole caregiver/pancreatic cancer/im losing my mind

Originally Posted by Dadsmyhero20 View Post
Im only 20 years old and my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My parents are divorced so I had to leave college to take care of my father fulltime. We've been through surgery, months of chemo and radiation and it seems to be a never ending cycle.

Im not trying to be selfish but it is a 24/7 job and I don't have anytime to myself. Im doing everything I can to hold it all together and keep him happy and comfortable.

To sum it all up im angry, frustrated, and exhausted. Im doing everything I can but all I do is wish I could do more.

I imagine im depressed but im not sure what to do or where to turn...

Im not looking for praise but id greatly appreciate any advice or help from people in similar situations

Thanks to all
You sound exhausted and so many millions of carers are in the same situ. Can anyone else help or hospice care. Please go to cancercompass on line and see if you can get advice there too

best wishes


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