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Re: Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)

Hi there
Good to hear from you! I have seen the anti glare screens. Used to have them at a company I worded for, for sentive eyes in the office, the girls liked them once they got used to them.
I am feeling ok...tired like always but hey!! I have an mri on June 7th. Had no idea: the nuroligist ordered this one. Still waiting for the app. for the musscle bio.
I have been e mailing the hard of hearing in HAmilton, I am on the list to take speech reading and will probably go to this event they are having on june 11 to learn about the inplants, I cant get them yet as I still have 40% hearing and the operation is like 25k, with that they only do it on people that can't use hearing aids. Also see some devices, like smoke detectors etc.I cant hear the thing if it goes off and I dont have my hearing aids in!! K well must get in the shower and ready for work, have a great day!!